Eating food with your hand


As we all know, a lot countries around Africa love to eat solid food with their hands.

A lot of people don’t actually know why and find it “strange”. Some Europeans or Americans even find it gross. Well let me tell you why they (and me) love to eat with our hands.

For some its simply cultural while others just enjoy the raw enjoyment that comes with feeling the texture of your food as you eat it. As for me, I personally cannot eat Nigerian/Ghanaian/Kenyan food  etc… with a fork! I just don’t enjoy it if I use a spoon or fork.

I love to get my hands in and really enjoy and taste the food! It certainly isn’t “gross” as some people think plus I often wonder how awkward I would feel to eat solids such as pounded yam or Amala with a fork. LOL.

Also in some parts of the world, eating with your left hand is taboo.

Here’s the bottom line: to really appreciate and enjoy what you’re eating, you should try using your hands. i’ts a very fun and appetizing way to eat your food! Try it in the comfort of your own home and I guarantee you will love it! :D Oh, and don’t forget to wash your hands first!

2 thoughts on “Eating food with your hand

  1. I’m originally from Louisiana & it’s normal to eat certain foods with our hands. Example collars greens & cornbread. You’re right it feels good to squish the food together and feel the texture of the cornmeal and to lick your fingers afterwards.

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