What is there to love about Ghana?


So i decided to write this post as i have always had an interest in Ghana and read a lot about Ghana since i was small. I also plan to take a trip to Ghana very soon. So i though i would remind myself and everyone else what there is to love about Ghana.

I know i haven’t yet been to Ghana but i am writing based on what i have learn so far from reading history books, Culture books and also from my Ghanaian friends and also one of my Scottish Friends Elliott who has visited Ghana. (And didnt take me along, shame on u elliott) hehehe

Ghana is a country located in the West of Africa. (Republic of Ghana) Was formally known as The Gold Coast before gaining Independence From the British Empire. It was the first West African country/colony to become independent from the empire.  Ghana is Africa’s second highest producer of gold. There are many languages used in Ghana, English is of course one. Some other languages i know are used in Ghana are Twi, Ewe and Kasem. There is more languages but i dont yet know all of them. I also once read that the word “Ghana” actually means “Warrior King”.  Lake Volta in Ghana is the largest man made lake in the world and it stretches 2/3 of the countries length.

What attracted me to Ghana at first was the people i meet from Ghana, they are very lovely people and it made me want to go to Ghana and experience life there. Then after a lot of reading etc, i was more interested and now want to go for many different reasons. Most of all, i want to go after learning about the culture and life style they live there. Yes, its not all Glamorous and picture perfect! lol and thats exactly why i love it!

After a conversation with my Scottish friend Elliott, i found out some great things about Ghana. For example, He told me that one thing he loves about Ghana is how Ghanaians always have a smile on their face. With the little they have yet they are among the most happiest people. This was soo great to hear and makes me want to go to Ghana more. My friend Elliott visited Ghana as a volunteer to teach. He taught in a town called Akim Achiase. Where he met many great friends, in fact, one of his friends he met there is now also one of my good friends 🙂 Below are some pictures Elliott took while in Ghana.

ghana 2 ghana 11 ghana 7 ghana 6 ghana 5 ghana 10 ghana 3

ghana 1 ghana 4

ghana 8

I also wish to learn a language that is widely used in Ghana (Twi) as i have many friends who speak the language and would really love to be able to speak it too. It is a very nice language to the ears. Especially when you are listening to a song in Twi 😀 Ghana also has some nice food, Like Banku with stew or okra stew. Beef, fish or Rice and stew is also very common in Ghana lol. As it is almost everywhere.

I hope after reading this you will have learned a little more about Ghana.

I want to say thanks to my friend Elliot who shared his experience’s in Ghana with me. It helped when writing this post. So thanks 🙂

Thanks for reading.

Medase pa. << One of the very few things i know how to say in Twi hehe

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