Nigerian Snacks

I am not a fan of snacking on healthy food, although i know i really should be. lol Not that i dont enjoy healthy food, i do, but its just not often that i snack on a carrot O.o So for anyone looking to loose weight or looking for a very healthy guide or post, i am probably not the right person to come to, i love my heavy Nigerian food too much hehe

So today i thought i would make a little list of what people in Nigeria and also me, like to snack on. Anyone who knows Nigeria well, will know snacking is not the same as it is in the UK where you can find a shop on every street and get ice cream or a hundred chocolate bars n cakes lol

So what do Nigerians do when they fancy a snack? (Any many others who enjoy Nigerian food)

Below is a list with pictures of SOME snacks i know i enjoy and many of my Nigerian friends enjoy too:


  • Puff Puff – A very well known snack in Nigeria, though it is not something that would be eaten every day or even every week. Puff puff is almost like Donuts, only heavier! lol puff puff is a deep fried snack made with Plain Flour, yeast, nutmeg, Sugar, salt, Vegetable Oil (for frying).


  • Plantain Chips – This one is probably more known to many people as it can be bought almost everywhere now. Plantain chips is fried ripe or unripe plantain. Crunchy small snacks.


  • Chin Chin – Chin chin is a very basic and simple snack made with milk, sugar, flour, margarine, nutmeg and oil for frying. Almost everyone in Nigeria must have made some nice crunchy chin chin at some point in there lifes, some more than others lol. I enjoy having some chin chin once in a while but the problem is, i don’t know when to stop when i start eating a bowl lol good thing about chin chin is, when you store it in a air tight container it can last for weeks!


  • Shuku Shuku – Just the thought of these little coconut balls makes me want to munch a whole bowl! lol as i am a BIG fan of coconut snacks. Shuku Shuku is a snack/desert made with coconut chaff, egg yolks, icing sugar and Bread crumbs. Sometimes it is made with Evaporated milk instead of the egg yolks. I think thats for the non baking method.


  • Nigerian Meat Pies – Now i know this isnt always a “snack” for everyone. but for me, its something i would call a snack as they can sometimes be made small too. Nigerian Meat pie is usually made with Minced meat, Potato and carrot. Its pastry is suppose to be nice and moist not flaky. I notice something though, Nigerian meat pie is not actually any different from the one we made back home in Scotland.


  • Suya – Suya is a spicey meaty snack or can even be eaten as part of a meal, If you are like me and will put anything together and call it a meal 🙂 Suya is made from Strips of beef with mixed spices, ground nut and peanut oil. Easy to make.. This is a great snack for meat lovers!


  • Sugar Cane – Now, this one i have not yet tried as it is hard to come by in the UK. But i have been told about it by my boyfriend a lot. I believe they suck it to get the natural sugar from it.. i’m not 100% sure on that.. My boyfriend enjoys it a lot when he is in Nigeria and i am also looking forward to trying some!


  • Indomie – Ahhhh the famous indomie! lol This may not be considered a snack to everyone, but i see it as a snack and also a meal. As i like to have it sometimes for a quick snack or if i am really hungry, ill take two packets as a meal 🙂 Indomie is simply instant noodles, With a little packet of flavoring and chili/spice. Someone people think it is the same as all instant noodles but i don’t agree as the flavoring is somehow better! Everyone in Nigeria must have eaten Indomie on more than 10 occasions hehe It is a very easy and quick snack. You will find students who go away from there home and there mothers cooking, tent to live on indomie through out college, mainly boys! lol!!

That is just a few Nigerian snacks to give you an idea for those who dont know. There is of course many more snacks in Nigeria but this is the ones i enjoy most 🙂

Thanks again for reading and for all the views and comments so far. It is very appreciated! 🙂 God Bless


5 thoughts on “Nigerian Snacks

  1. When I was growing up in Nigeria, Indomie wasn’t even around. We had spagetti thought. But I was surprised, during one of my visits home, to see every child at home and in boarding school eating these like it was going out of style.

    Love Suya. Now we can easily get the mixed-up spice at the African Markets. And I just mad some meat pies a couple of days ago with my teen daughter.

    Very well written. You got all the snacks, except for soaked gari and peanuts, fried fish, and pork skin, roasted corn, roasted coconuts, roasted plantain and peanuts (ground nuts as we call it).

  2. Reblogged this on stephaniemg12 and commented:
    Food for thought, snacks are a great way to bond with people, and the possibilities are endless. Here’s a dash of culture to go with your snacks, I might try and make some for my friend who’s parents are from Nigeria.

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