Returning from Ghana


So as most people know, I was on a trip to Ghana and just returned. A Lot of people have been asking me when i will post my experiences on my blog so ill start off with a small post to let everyone know how my trip was.

First of all i have to say, I MISS GHANA!!! As soon as i got home i felt like crying. Going to Africa was really as great as i expected it to be. Ghana is a beautiful country full of wonderful people. The moment my foot stepped off the plane into Ghana i could smell the heat and air of Africa!! it was the best feeling ive ever felt in my life! I landed and it was lightly raining which made it even better for me because i love the smell of the rain.. 

I traveled to many different parts of Ghana, i will gradually post individual post about each place i visited. So for the mean time i would just like to let everyone know that i have the best time of my life and i STRONGLY suggest people to go to Ghana and experience life there. 

I am planning my return to Ghana this year to do volunteer work as i have always wanted to do that but now i am even more sure about it after visiting villages and areas where volunteer workers are. I can see how happy they are there and i also feel i am going to love working in Ghana and helping the best way i can.

Below are some pictures from my trip. I have loads and loads of pictures. you can see all of them on facebook by adding me from the “follow me” page. I will also be adding some of the pics here as time goes on.


Black star of independence. Opposite of the Independence Square, Accra


Ghanaian dancers and drummers at cape coast


Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum, Accra


Ghana’s Independence Square


Cape Coast Castle



Akim Achiase Village


Kumasi Central Mosque



Kokrobite, Leading onto the beach 




3 thoughts on “Returning from Ghana

  1. I am very glad you enjoyed your visit to Ghana and especially your positive impression about the country. Though Ghana is not prosperous, the least we can do is to adore anyone who would want to come and enjoy our least treasures with us.

    Please visit again with your lovely friends and family and enjoy all the best we have. I wish you all the best.


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