Stereotypes about Africa

Something that has been really bugging me for a while is the stereotype people think about Africa most especially in my country (UK) where almost everyone I’ve meet and talk to about countries in Africa there reactions are always very irritating to me.

First of all, the biggest one i hear almost EVERY time i tell someone i was in Ghana is “oh you were brave” or “wasn’t you scared going over there?” and this is coming from people who have never visited any country in Africa. So in my opinion, if you have not visited that country you have no right to speak a bad word about it based on what crap you see on TV!

The majority of people i’ve met around the UK see Africa as a “country” which is for one ridiculous and makes them sound pretty dumb! With all due respect but if you are judging a country based on TV that shows your level of intelligence for a start!

A lot of people have questioned me on why i am going back over to Ghana and Nigeria to work as a volunteer as they think it is too dangerous and unsafe! From my experience, UK is more dangerous than Ghana! While in Ghana i felt nothing but respect and love from people i met. They greeted my and were extremely friendly. Below is a picture i took in Ghana and i will go on to explaining my reason for posting this picture below.



This picture was taken while i was in Akim Achiase Villiage in Ghana, you have probably seen my post before about Akim Achiase. The lady carrying her baby on her back was a very lovely and friendly lady who brought us in to shelter from the heavy rains as she seen us pass by soaked! This was very touching and a great act of kindness in my eyes. Where i come from this would never happen. I am not saying that my country is all bad because it is not but the manners and kindness of the people i met in Ghana was really touching.

So for people to tell me that i am brave to go to Africa is ridiculous because there is nothing to be scared about. In Scotland i wouldnt think about walking outside passed 12pm in the dark. Yet when i was in Ghana i would walk around the village at 1am enjoying the noise of the crickets and bothered by no one. Throughout my stay in Ghana i came across some of the most lovely people and i am privileged to have met them.

I know and understand that Yes, there is some problems around Africa but to judge it based on what you see on TV and judge it as some poor dangerous sick & diseased continent is ridiculous!! because no matter where you go in the world there will be good and bad.

Take a look at the news each month for Britain or America. Is it all picture perfect with no evil and cruel things going on? I don’t think so!

I have and will always admire Africa for all the good things and good people i have came across and i cannot wait to go back to work as a volunteer. 🙂

Thanks for reading and take a trip to one of Africa’s lovely countries and see for your self what Africa is really about.

10 thoughts on “Stereotypes about Africa

  1. You are right on key about the stereotypes about Africa.. Many don’t even know that Africa is a continent and yet they take pleasure in belittling her people. I recent came back to the USA from my visit home to Nigeria for my sister’s wedding in Lagos.

    Before I left, I informed my students and some fellow teachers about my trip. Could you believe that even some teachers, a social Studies Teacher included, wanted to know if it was true that we still live on trees. That just blew my mind! I simply said, “I’ll bring you some pictures and videos”. And that I did!

    They were shocked to see that we actually have malls and supermarkets and, cars in Nigeria! And that, we actually do wear clothes and shoes.

  2. I feel a little put off by how you belittle some of the “truths” of the dangers in Nigeria, while emphasizing how safe you felt in Ghana. The reader comes off thinking Nigeria is the same as Ghana, and it’s not. Personally, I and my Nigerian family know and have heard through our lovely “grapevine” (aka gossip) of ppl whose loved ones have travelled home, only to be kidnapped and later killed. Why? Because our skin doesn’t look as sun-kissed and accents slightly off or doesn’t exist. I recently saw a blogger questioning- How patriotic are we? Do we still bleed green and white? More light needs to be shed on the real problems going on so that ppl step up and force justice to prevail. But I digress… Being Nigerian, I know there’s beauty and happiness and satisfaction in Nigeria and many parts of our continent. I just had to offer some perspective as well when I hear what sounds like glorification of my nation to the point of what seems to be belittling the realities of life.
    I digress again, I have also experienced the ignorance of ppl who think we march around fires/ drums and chant or who think I’m going to cast a spell on them. SMH. When I reflect on things like that I’m grateful for things like GoogleEarth/ Maps where ppl can actually look at real life pictures of what different countries actually look like. And of course thankful for ppl like you, who take photos of what you see and post it for all to enjoy ;-).

    • I think there is too much negative information going around about Africa and they forget to mention the positives. There is good nd bad everywhere but to pin point only the bad and not any of the good is just wrong. So I think the world needs people to show the good sides since the media won’t 🙂

  3. I am floored by your posts. Hope you don’t mind my reblogging this.
    Great job you are doing and thanks for having an unbiased attitude towards Africa.

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