Boggy Wednesday (Ghanaian singer and songwriter)


During another trip to Cape Coast a few weekends back, I went to visit my longest running Ghanaian friend, Ekow Simpson and during the visit he introduced me to some of his friend at their house.  Among Ekow’s friends was one man who goes by the name of “Boggy Wednesday”.  Ekow had previously let me hear his music but it wasn’t until later that day I realised that the singer was in fact in the same room as us lol. So I had the privilege to chill out with him and his friends. (Not that I heard much due to the place being all males, who can talkkkkkk) lol. But all the same, it was nice to put a face to the voice. He was very humble and down to earth. So for those who haven’t heard of Boggy Wednesday then let me introduce him to you.

About Boggy Wednesday:

Robert Kweku Bamfo popularly know by his stage name “BOGGY WEDNESDAY” was born in Accra, Ghana and grew up in Elmina in the central region. Boggy attended Montessori school in junior high and Ghana National College in senior high. He later went on to continue in NIIT as a networking engineer.

Boggy believes in creativity, originality, lyrical, and longevity in his music. He was awarded song of the year in 2013 and best vocalist of the year in 2014 in the central region. Boggy is an excellent definition of Afro beat, Afro pop, Highlife of this era. H­e has perfected singing with live bands. His style of piecing his music together makes it difficult to place him in ­any particular genre because each track ­gives you a sample of different flavours­. He has mastered his own identity as a musician.

Where he started:

Boggy’s dad use to play the key board so he use to listen to the rhythms and then go on to write his own music when he was in junior high. His parents didn’t like the idea of him going into music so he put his dream on hold and began to concentrate on being a networking engineer. After he completed 3 years in NIIT as a network engineer he went right back to focus on his dreams of becoming a musician.  Boggy’s first day in the studio was when he wrote his song called “dying for” ft TeePhlow produced by Kopow, Boggy’s childhood friend. This song is what earned him song of the year in 2013 (see photos below) in the central region. He felt he needed to step up his game so people would appreciate and recognize his music more. So he then came back with a second song called “SOMEBODY”. This song also won him the best vocalist in 2014.
2013 Best Song of the year award.


2014 Best Vocalist award.

Boggy is still working hard on his music career and his next goal is to achieve a Ghana music award. He will be bringing new songs to the table around April 13th so look out for that 🙂



Below you will find the links to a few of his YouTube videos. My personal favorite is “Queen of my heart”. A day can’t pass without me playing this song. Very soothing voice and beautiful lyrics 🙂 Great work Boggy and I pray you get all the success you deserve! It was a pleasure to meet you.

Please also find Boggy’s Facebook fan page below & Twitter. Don’t forget to hit the like button! Enjoy!

FACEBOOK – Boggy Wednesday Gh

(Search by name above or follow the link below)

TWITTER – @nanaboggy


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