Offinso Children’s Home Campaign – Ghana


Good morning!

It has been a while! As always i have been keeping busy with work and all 🙂

Since my last visit to Ghana earlier this year, I have been back home in Scotland working and preparing for my next visit.  My plan is in fact to move over to Ghana next year longer term but if i am going to do this, I have to of course think of my career too.  I enjoy my job in Scotland very much and very blessed to have a great career in Law.  So, for me to leave my job behind, means I have to be well prepared and also think of furthering my career while abroad as a volunteer.   So, i have been checking into some Universities in Ghana to study Law and although this may seem ridiculous considering i already have a job in a Law firm all this while, it is in fact to keep me on track with my career in Law rather than move away and forget all about it!

Anyway, besides my plans for Uni, I of course still have my plans for the  Orphanage (Offinso Children’s Home).  On my last trip on March, i discussed some plans with the owner and have came up with a plan to build shower rooms, toilets and have concrete flooring place over the full ground at the orphanage.  The grounds at the orphanage are currently in a state due to the dust and dirt so this of course is a problem.  Due to the dirt and dust landing on the grounds, the kids of course become very dirty while playing around and not only that but the major issue is the dust the kids are breathing in.  This is causing them to have chesty coughs and poor breathing.   So first thing is first.  I want to have the full ground cemented and this will be my first project starting March next year.  To complete the full project (shower rooms, toilets and floors) will cost me around £8,000/£10,000.  I am of course saving all i can from my salary to fund this but I have now opened up a small campaign to try and raise £1,000 to put towards these costs.  I have recently had a increase in bills in Scotland and also trying to earn enough to cover my university fees so i have came to realize that saving £10,000 might be a bit difficult in the space of 9 months.  So by Gods grace i can save at least £6,000/£8,000 for my project and with the help of my campaign hopefully a further £1,000 from donations can be of great help towards the costs.

Below are some photos i took at the orphanage to show the current state of the washing/toilet area and grounds, to allow people to have an idea of what works are needing done and to also understand the great importance of these works being done.

toilet grounds

(ABOVE IMAGE – Current Showers)


(ABOVE IMAGE – Current state of grounds at the orphanage)


(ABOVE IMAGE – Current Toilet)


(ABOVE IMAGE – Current Bathing Area) 

If anyone can donate or knows someone who can donate i would be VERY grateful if you would kindly share my campaign.  I have previously posted about the orphanage and have previously asked those who can help to simply come along or donate clothes etc but this project i have started is going to be very costly and although i am still very much open to donations of clothes etc, this fund raiser is in fact the biggest task.   This will not only help the children’s health but will also improve their everyday life with shower rooms, working toilets and a clean, safe play ground for them. I strongly believe in taking matters to our own hands.  I can’t sit and wait for the government to make the change because it is not happening.  If i don’t take action then who will.

Please find my links below for my campaign and i am extremely grateful for any support given. I have opened two webpages up (GoFundMe and Crowdfunding) hopefully to reach out to more people around the world.  Please feel free to donate to either account.  Its much appreciated.

Thank you all in advance.



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