The Gambia

The Gambia, also known as Gambia, Is a country in West Africa close to Senegal.. I am not an expert on The Gambia but i know a few facts and information and would love to share it here and hopefully make more people fall in love with wonderful Africa ūüėÄ

The Gambia gained independence from the United Kingdom on the 18th of Feb 1965. The largest cities in Gambia are Serekunda and Brikama but the capital is Banjul.

The Gambia does have many Language but English is the official language. Other langues used in The Gambia that i know of are Jola, Fula and Serer. I am sure there is more but i dont yet know of them.. and i dont like to read online to find out coz information online it is not always true lol i prefer to find out the truth for myself or read books!

I have gathered up some lovely pictures of life in The Gambia to give people an idea of how The Gambia looks. I wish to travel to The Gambia in the near future..






I’m really looking forward to learning more about Gambia and i like meeting people from The Gambia because they always share nice stories about Gambia with me..

As i said before, i dont know alot about Gambia but happy to share what i know and let people know there is soo many wonderful countries in Africa.

Feel free to post comments or share your stories about The Gambia with me as i love to learn something new about African Countries at every chance i get ūüôā

Thanks again for all the blog views and comments/likes. ūüėÄ

Have a nice day/night/evening.

People of Africa


My reason for this post today is mainly to let people know who dont already know, how people from different Countries in Africa really are, as a lot of people judge people from Africa before even getting to know them! I am NOT Generalizing Africa as a whole, i am talking based on MY experience with people from ALL over Africa not only one or two countries in Africa, this is why i used the term “People of Africa”.. ¬†this post is not about one country in Africa, its about MANY countries around Africa.

Another reason for this post is just to express how i feel about my friends from Africa and show them they are appreciated a lot by me. Most people from Europe or America or other parts of the world, Judge people from African Countries based on Bullshit lies! excuse my language!

Some of the most common things i have heard from people is

“All Africans use white girls”

“All Africans live in slums”

“All Africans love money too much and scam everyone”

“All Africans are evil and kill children and do ‘voo-doo’

“All Africans cant speak English well”

“All Africans are under educated and living in Poverty”

And MANY more!

I have to say, i get very irritate around people who say such rubbish! Let me just say, not all people from African Countries use white girls, Yes there may be some but believe me not ALL! There is many people from all over Africa who love someone for who there and that’s it! Just like every other race!

Also, let me just add, not all people in Africa love money and scam everyone.. that is rubbish! i think people judge Africa based on one or two stories they hear on the news! Also, most Africans cant speak English well?? What?? This is one of the stupidest ones i have heard, As all of my friends in Africa, weather they are Kenyan, Ghanaian, Nigerian or South African, Can speak AND write English very well, even some know English more than i do! lol

“All Africans are under educated” REALLY??? NO! Another huge judgmental LIE! The smartest people i know on this earth, are from Africa! ALL of my friends from countries in Africa are extremely smart and have GREAT potential.. Yes not everyone in some parts of Africa can afford good education but that does not make them dumb or stupid!

“All Africans kill children” Again, Really?? i really believe this one is from watching too much TV! People from African countries are not cruel and evil! Every country and continent has good and Bad people. Dont judge Africa based on hear say!

And NO! Africa is not all slums! look around and see how beautiful Africa REALLY is. Take your time to really explore countries in Africa to see how great they are.

I spend endless time trying to make my British friends see that there is soo many lovely and amazing people around Africa. Almost all of my friends are from countries in Africa and its been that way since childhood, also i have never dated any white or British guy, This is not because i hate British people but it is simply because i feel more happy and comfortable around my friends from Africa and also in relationships i feel that i am more connected to people from different countries around Africa and have more things in common and also they are very loving people. To say all countries and people in Africa are great would be a lie. Yes, not all people in Africa are great and there are many countries in Africa that have bad people just like every other continent in the world, but to judge people from Africa before getting to know them is one of the biggest mistakes people make.

For me i honestly do not know where i would be today if i didnt have my friends in Africa and in UK who have came from Nigeria and Ghana and Kenya etc. From a very very young age, i have grew with them close to me, like my brothers and sisters, friends is an under statement. they truly feel like family. Another thing i LOVE about people who have came from countries in Africa, They are EXTREMELY friendly when u meet them. They greet you in such a warm way and speak very politely to you. Also going to African markets/ restaurants in UK, is one great experience for me, because i get greeting nicely and treated very well.

I have friends from all over Africa but mainly in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Gambia and south Africa. So based on the people i have met from there, i can honestly say Africa has some wonderful people! I can guarantee if you take the time to actually get to know people from different countries in Africa before judging them, you will realize how wonderful they really are, They will make you feel loved and appreciated in all you do. When i am having a bad day at work or any other situation, It is my friends in Nigeria, Ghana etc i turn to as they are always friendly, loving and supportive. They also keep me calm in hard situations! hehe countries in Africa are not full of scam artist and dying kids and people killing people! look beyond the bad things and see the wonderful things! Like i said before, Every Continent has good and bad.

Anyway, i feel like typing all day as i cant find the exact word to describe the people of Africa, but i have work in the morning and i have to get to bed hehe

Thanks for taking the time to read this and i hope you have learned something and made u think twice.

Ese Pupo. Odaro

Mungo Park (The First Westerner to explore The River Niger)


I have wanted to write this for a while now but had other subjects in mind to write about first.. Anyway this post may not interest everyone but it interests me so i had to share it ūüôā

I came across the name Mungo Park after my boyfriend mentioned something about him.. so i took it upon my self to learn more about him as i am a major history freak when it comes to Africa lol.. it turns out i have a lot in common with him other than the fact that we share the same surname..

Mungo Park is also Scottish like me and also had a massive interest for Africa, again, like me lol He was a Scottish explorer of the African continent he was the first westerner to encounter the central portion of Niger River, or so i read.. He studied medicine and botany in Edinburgh university and later went on to do a course in Natural history..

I also read that he completed his studies by completing his exams in London. After studies he then started work and offered his services to The African Association. The African Association was a club dedicated to exploring West Africa.

Mongo Park set out for Africa and reached the Gambia River on 21st of June 1795,  he then chose the route crossing the upper Senegal basin and through the semi-desert region of Kaarta. He was captured and imprisoned for four months.. i am not entirely sure why but i will find out one day lol.. he then escaped on the 1st of July 1796, he had nothing but a horse and a compass with him. on the 21st of July he reached the long-sought Niger River at Segou, he was now the first European to reach river Niger. He followed the river downstream 80 miles to Silla, where he was obliged to turn back, as he was lacking the resources to go further.

On his journey back to Scotland he fell sick at Kamalia. A man then took him in for seven months and helped him. ¬†He was thought to be dead but then returned to Scotland with news of discovering the River Niger which brought a positive¬†reaction from the public. He then went on to write a very successful book called “Travels in the interior districts of Africa” which was about his travels all around Africa, how he survived and the people he met along the way which gave Europeans a idea of what Africa is really like. I am yet to read this book as its hard to find after all these yearz, but im looking into finding it.

Mungo was then invited back By the government to lead another expedition to the Niger. He accepted, and made his way to Gambia then to Bussa.  Mungo park died in Nigeria in 1806 after their ship hit a rock in Bussa and they were attacked with bow and arrows by people, mungo and others on the ship drowned.. One of the slaves who were on the ship, Survived.  He then went on to tell the final scene of mungo parks story..

Mungo parks son set out to find his father after being lead to believe he was being imprisoned . unfortunately mungos son died of fever soon after.

Mungo Park’s remains are buried along the banks of the River Niger in Jebba Nigeria. After mungo parks death, westerners then started to gain interest in Africa and they wanted to explore more.

I find this story very fascinating and could read about it all day! My family and friend like to joke that Mungo Park must be my ancestor lol I also joke about it too.. It is funny that i also have plans to move to Africa and explore Africa and planning to buy a house in Nigera.. Is Mungo park my ancestor? We are both Scottish, both have a huge interest in Africa with Nigeria at the top of the list and we share the same surname hehehe..

Anyway i read alot about him and if any of the information i wrote is incorrect, please feel free to correct me as i am happy to learn more and i am not an expert on Mungo Parks story.

This was a long post but i wanted to share this story as i found it very interesting and believe anyone else who loves African History will love it too.. I would also recommend reading his full story as it is more detailed than this post i wrote..

Thanks for ready and feel free to correct me on anything ūüôā