My First Tattoo! Africa!


I am not really a fan of Tattoo’s to be honest and i always said i would never get one unless it was very meaningful to me. so after seeing some tattoo ideas i decide this one was perfect for me and i would never live to regret it as it means so much to me. I have it on my lower ankle on the inside 🙂 The reason it means so much to me is because it will always remind me of being in Africa and always remind me of my happiest moments. As you can see it is not only the African continent but also a beautiful lady carrying a pot on her head. As most people know, this is how most people around Africa carry many things on a daily basis so it represents culture as well as Africa as a continent! I love it so much and i think its the most beautiful tattoo ive ever seen so i had to get it! 🙂 Now i have Africa with me where ever i go! 😀 You can see some photo’s below of the process while getting my tattoo 🙂 





Bring Africa to you!


As most people know, I have always wanted to go and experience life in different countries around Africa since i was a small kid. Unfortunately it is not that easy 😦 First of all because i was too young and had to finish school etc Then when i grew up i wanted to finish studying and work to save money. AGAIN unfortunately it was not as simple as that. When i started working it became impossible to save money. After paying bills and daily living expenses i had almost no money left to save. So yeah, Its been a long wait for me to live my dream. So now i have been fortunate enough to travel to Africa every year!

The reason for this post is to show people that just because you are not in the country you would like to be in, doesn’t mean you cant bring the country to you 😉 For the past 10 years or so, I have been living in a way that is more African than Scottish lol It’s very sad for me to not be able to hope on a flight and visit my favorite countries around Africa any time i want. So, until the time of my yearly trip, i continue living in a way that i would if i am in any country in Africa…only that i am in Scotland!

I would like my friends to read this and gain something from it as a lot of my friends feel sad and miss home. So let me just give u some tips on how to feel at home even if you are not at home 🙂

First of all i would say, don’t change your diet just because you are not in Your country. Of course there will be days you eat some pasta or some local food of the country you are in but continue eating your Favorite Ghanaian or Nigerian food too! I eat Nigerian/Kenyan/Ghanaian food every week and it really makes me feel like i am enjoying a part of Africa 🙂 Some of my awesome cooking skills below :p


Secondly, I always play music everyday anywhere i go i have my headphones in blasting my favorite Ghanaian and Nigerian songs! It is also a way of feeling connected to those countries in particular.

Third, Don’t change your dress code to “fit in” with the country you are in. Their is nothing more pleasant for me than seeing  people in the UK with their traditional wear. Beautiful! I love to also wear and buy many clothes from different countries in Africa and head wraps. It makes me feel like i am showing my personality on the outside!

Also i would say, don’t forget you mother tongue when you are out of your home country. Yes, of course u need to speak English to the public who don’t understand your own language , but other than that, always use you native language. I also like to Learn languages so i can communicate and join in conversations with my friends who have came from countries in Africa.

Another thing to make you feel connected to Africa is to always get regular updates on news and what is happening in your country in Africa. I LOVE to read and learn new things about all countries around Africa and i always have. This makes me feel very connected and know so much about African countries as if i have been living there my whole life!

If you haven’t REALLY studied and learned about a country then you wont feel connected to it even if you have been there. I am very sure i know more about many countries in Africa than some people who have lived in or been to many countries in Africa lol This is because i do all i can to stay connected and learn all i want to know about Africa. I even wanted to studying a course called “African Studies” at College but instead, I just spent my whole life reading and teaching myself. Saved my self the Huge University fee too haha!

Anyways i hope you enjoyed reading and i hope you have taken something from what i said. Please don’t loose your connection to Africa no matter where u go.

Thanks for reading 🙂

Africa wa ni okan mi ❤


Carrying your baby on your back

baby on back

There is so many reasons people love to carry their babies on their back.

A lot of women say they do not see the point in prams and buggies. I personally like the idea of carrying my baby on my back (if i had a baby) lol, it is a way to always have your baby close to you. Also, carrying your baby on your back is a way to continue with daily activities with BOTH hands free lol. If you are pushing a pram, you don’t always have “hands free” . I am not saying there is anything wrong with pushing your baby in a pram, but i am just explaining the benefits of carrying your baby on your back. In a lot of countries in Africa, a lot of women love to go and gather fruit or pick fresh veg etc, so if their baby is wrapped on their back, they then have the best of both lol Working and also spending time with your baby.

Another reason women carry their babies on their backs is for comfort for the baby. Believe it or not but it is very comfortable for the baby as they are not only wrapped up in cloth but also have their mother to hug on to 🙂 I find it very sweet and nice to see mothers carrying babies on their back. It shows culture and tradition.


In some countries their is not always safe paths to walk on like there is in UK or US, so carrying your baby on your back is also a way of keeping the baby safe. Lets think of using a pram in certain countries in Africa. The roads are so busy, full of people and workers. Imagine trying to get through the crowds with a big pram? exactly! it isnt the “safest” option. I really hope more people carry their babies on their backs and dont loose their culture. It is a very loving and nice way to carry a baby.

Having a baby is never easy for women, it is tiring and stressful at times. So why not try carrying your baby on your back and continue with your daily activities and reduce the stress? Try it for your self and see how you feel 🙂

I’m sure you will feel much closer to your baby! 🙂