The importance of teaching your kids their mother tongue.


I have been thinking about this for a while now.

Why can’t some parents teach these kids their mother tongue?

Hundreds, even thousands of kids cannot speak their mother tongue. Simply because the parents don’t teach them. Yes, i know not everyone has the money to send their kids to school to learn a new language but at least teach them their mother tongue even it is at home. Some parents believe that their kids don’t need to speak their native language and that learning English is more important.


Yes, learning English is a great essential but learning their mother tongue is too. Lets use Yoruba for example, the reason i chose to talk about Yoruba is because i have sooooo many Yoruba friends who cannot speak Yoruba and even ask me to help them. This usually happens because the parents. After sending them to school in UK or US, then feel that learning English is all they need to learn and their mother tongue is not needed again. WRONG! when your kids grow up and cant speak their mother tongue, they are only going to be annoyed at their parents. When they go back to there home land and everyone around is speaking the native language and they cant, that is gonna beĀ embarrassingĀ and frustration for them.

I have a friend who moved to America and she is Yoruba, so when she goes to Nigeria to meet his family members and all, they laugh and say “ahhh u cant speak Yoruba haha” can you imagine how that feels for a Yoruba girl? She now teaches herself Yoruba from home like i did and she is angry that her parents didn’t take the time to teach her Yoruba.

Please, please and please again! Teach your kids their mother tongue! Even if you have to sit them down at home for 30 minuets a day after work and just go over the alphabet, numbers and greetings etc. At least so they can speak some when they are growing up. If you don’t, they will grow up and feel left out and feel like they don’t have that connection with their culture.

Thanks for reading and please, don’t let your kids miss out!

ese pupo.