History of the Nigerian head wrap (Gele)

baby head wrap

I Personally LOVE the Nigerian Gele and have some of my own. I Love small head wraps and also big ones.

Head wraps have been part of Africa’s history and different Cultures for years. Starting as early as 1700.  They come in many shapes and sizes.  You can’t just go and buy a Gele already made up. You have to tie it or get someone to tie it if you can’t. Nigerian Gele head wrap is made of colorful cloths. You can get any color or design you want. As long as it is the correct material for Gele.  I believe the Gele is a wonderful way of connecting with culture and history. If i am not mistaken, The Nigerian Gele originated with Yoruba’s.

The colors of head wraps have different meanings and also for a man to wear a head wrap is different from a woman. Both have different meanings.  It is believed that some cultures used head wraps/Gele before the days of slavery so that men could show off their wealth and the level of their social status and so that women could prove that they were prosperous and spiritual. << Or so I read! The great thing about head wraps is, you can adjust it any way you like. Big, small, short, tall!

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The Gele should cover the hair completely and ties at the back of the neck. A lot of modern day girls wear there Gele with some of their hair showing, i personally like to wear it with all my hair hidden. It feels and looks more traditional. I also once read that head wraps is a way of bringing out the beauty in our face and to avoid people looking ONLY at our bodies first!

Weather you wear a Gele/head wrap or not, you should be able to appreciate the beauty and culture that comes with them.

Thanks for reading. 🙂