Carrying your baby on your back

baby on back

There is so many reasons people love to carry their babies on their back.

A lot of women say they do not see the point in prams and buggies. I personally like the idea of carrying my baby on my back (if i had a baby) lol, as it is a way to always have your baby close to you. Also, carrying your baby on your back is a way to continue with daily activities with BOTH hands free lol. If you are pushing a pram, you don’t always have “hands free”.  I am not saying there is anything wrong with pushing your baby in a pram, but I am just explaining the benefits of carrying your baby on your back.

Another reason women carry their babies on their backs is for comfort for the baby. Believe it or not but it is very comfortable for the baby as they are not only wrapped up in cloth but also have their mother to hug on to 🙂 I find it very sweet and nice to see mothers carrying babies on their back. It shows culture and tradition.


In some countries their is not always safe paths to walk on like there is in UK or US, so carrying your baby on your back is also a way of keeping the baby safe. Lets think of using a pram in certain countries in Africa. The roads are so busy, full of people and workers. Imagine trying to get through the crowds with a big pram? exactly! it isnt the “safest” option. I really hope more people carry their babies on their backs and dont loose their culture. It is a very loving and nice way to carry a baby.

Having a baby is never easy for women, it is tiring and stressful at times. So why not try carrying your baby on your back and continue with your daily activities and reduce the stress? Try it for your self and see how you feel 🙂

I’m sure you will feel much closer to your baby! 🙂

9 thoughts on “Carrying your baby on your back

  1. true and very informational… i am from Africa and i never though as to why we do that, i am a mother my self and did this with my child….. simply because it is the only way i know how.. but never though as to why we practice it .. thanks for the share

  2. Like veryproudtobe, this is very informative. I too had never thought of the safety aspect although when I had babies decades ago – the last time was 32 years ago – I do not remember carrying them on my back more than a couple of times! Yeah, v. close, and I think babies like the warmth.

    For market women and others who work in non-formal set-ups, it is very practical as you pointed out.

    This is really a great blog which I love. Will recommend it.

  3. Wow! Very informative and educative.. Am an African but didn’t know much about this.. I guess I will start carrying my baby at my back now ℓσℓ..

  4. Interesting. My mother also did the same thing. God-willing when I have a baby I will do the same.

    I do wonder about the trend here (UK) of carrying the baby in the front of the chest. It looks comfortable and lovely etc etc but I wondered how practical it is – certainly cannot cook! The memory I have as a child was my mother carrying one my siblings on her back and cooking us dinner.

  5. I gave birth in Ghana and carried my child on my front mostly until she was about a year old and my back mostly around the house. It was the best way to go to market because, yes, my hands and head were free to carry things. Also if she was on my front I didn’t have to worry about sneaking hands wanting to touch her all the time. It was very rare for a Sulmiya to have a baby in our town. Now I am part of the woodwork. 🙂

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