Returning from Ghana (3rd time around)

Hi everyone! 🙂

I know I have been a stranger for what, almost a year or so? Wow! Anyway, a wholeeeeeee lot has happened in one year and I have a tone of posts coming up but to start it off I’ll keep it short and sweet.  So after that second trip to Ghana I was screaming and shouting over last year, I of course couldn’t help myself going back a 3rd time 😉 I missed Ghana so much I jumped back on a flight just a few months later.  I returned to Scotland after my second trip with a massive plan in my head and I had to fulfil it.  And that I did 🙂

On my second trip to Ghana I had this idea to help out a few village schools and orphanages (previously visited during this trip) but knew that what I had in mind would be costly.  So, as soon as I got back to Scotland I continued work at my job as normal but started saving extra hard this time and also started a small fund raiser around friends and family to gather every pound I could! As the idea I had was to get/buy as much school books, stationary, clothes and shoes for each village school I visited and most of all, for the orphanage which held a special place in my heart after meeting the amazing lady who owns and runs it. (I will be posting about this on another day, her story is wonderful).

So a few months after saving and gathering money i had more than enough to take over on my 3rd trip but just to get that bit extra, I took a few trips round my local primary schools and giveaway clubs and rounded up a whole load of schools books, pencils, pens and some kids shoes/clothes etc to take along. Now of course I had only a certain amount of luggage allowance so I took what I could (in two EXTREMELY large suitcases, it was not easy getting to and from the airport! Bitten off more books than I could chew!) Haha but nevertheless, it was all worth it!! And from my upcoming posts over the Christmas period, you will see exactly how it all went and read all about my 3rd trip to Ghana. Trust me, it’s the best one yet! 🙂 I am currently back in Scotland and planning my 4th trip to Ghana while also trying to build on my career here in Scotland (Hence the reason for my silence). Oh, I got a new job earlier this year with a different law firm this time so that’s more great news 🙂 Anyways, stay posted for my upcoming stories and pictures from my last trip.

Happy holiday’s!. 🙂

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