Carrying things on your head.

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A lot of people i have met in the UK get very confused and find it strange that people carry things on their head..  Especially when i am at work and people at work know i am very interested in countries around Africa, they then start asking me many questions and one of them is “why do Africans carry things on their head” lol

Well, first of all, not ALL people in African countries do this. Yes its very common but that doesn’t mean everyone does it. So as always, i try to explain everything to my friends to make them understand more about countries around Africa and to make them see the reasons for everything.  Some British people have even asked me “why do Africans have big hats with fruit and flowers on top” ?? haha It is simply the best way they know how to carry heavy goods.

There is of course many reasons people carry things on their head. Some do it because they may find it more difficult walking up a hill with a massive bucket full of water or a big basket full of veg/fruit.. A lot of people think it is gonna be very painful. I would say dont knock it till you have tried it 🙂 Also let me add, people place a cloth on their head before placing the items on top. Especially for very heavy goods such as water.  Something that amazes me is when ladies carry baskets on their head without even holding onto it 😮 wow! great balancing skills! lol


I personally have to say, Thumbs up to the people who do this! because carrying heavy goods on your head isn’t easy!

Hopefully when i move to Africa i can also become strong to carry things on my head and hopefully i can manage it in the sun haha It is obviously causing no harm to our heads if people have been doing it for thousands of years, so why not give it a try too?

Thanks for reading and dont forget to try it out! 😀

9 thoughts on “Carrying things on your head.

  1. I was fascinated by this skill as a child and used to practise with books etc. I don’t think I knew to use a cloth underneath. I have done it occasionally as an adult when I have had a package too large to carry comfortably in my arms and it works well with no strain on the back. I have to support it with my arms though! I’d love to get good at it.

  2. But how do they wrap the cloth on their head? I am so amazed and I want to try this at home, but I don’t have any idea how to do it! What can you share to help a curious American?

  3. Hi, Im African and have been trying since a child to learn how to carry stuff on my head. I am writing a book about it. Please share any pictures or knowledge you have. Will send you a free copy of book. Thanks Rita DivadoctorAfrica

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