Kakum National Park – Cape Coast, Ghana


On my travels around Ghana, i eventually reached Kakum National Park in Cape Coast. Kakum National Park is the only park in Africa with canopy walk. I have to say it was a little scary and very high but such a great experience. I think my sister was more scared than anyone there as she was holding on for her life haha..

ImageThe Entrance at Kakum national park

 I really recommend this place to anyone who is visiting Ghana, it is a Must see! the only downfall of it was the prices! Non- Ghanaians are charged almost double to enter. We kind of expected to see a few animals but we did not see any animals at all. It was more like a trek, but still very much worth experiencing 🙂 The walk up to the canopy bridges was so so steep and really tires you out lol It takes around 15/20 minuets to get to the top where the canopy walk is. The walk back down was a lot easier! haha


The start of the walk up to the Canopy bridges.

When you get to the top, you are then told to cross individually or in groups of 2. You are also told not to shake the bridges or scare anyone lol of course i then made the bridge shake a little just to scare my sister haha. as if she wasnt scared enough :p The bridges connect to 7 tree tops. At the end of each bridge there is ledges for you to stand on to get from one bridge to the other, this was the part i found scary! as the ledges felt like the were moving away from the tree haha.


The stop point where the guide explains what we should expect when we get to the top.

We were told to watch out for snakes hanging from the trees, which of course made me a little more nervous!! lol But luckily we didnt come across any snakes, the only thing we came across was a mosquito that bit my sister on the hand and she freaked out! hahaha.


One of the bridges


The Start of the bridges


My sister holding on for her life at the start of the walk! haha


On the way back down to the bottom

When you reach the end of the bridges the guide will then lead us back down to the bottom. It is more relaxing going back down and there is also some stop points where you can have a seat. There is also a bar at the bottom where you can get something to drink and take a look around. There is many lizards walking around which we found very amusing lol i tried touching one but it just ran away from me 😦 lol


Me outside the bar/payment area, wearing my Kente dress i purchased from Cape Coast Castle Gift shop 🙂

kakum 10

If you are ever in Ghana or plan to go to Ghana, please check this place out and enjoy! 🙂 thanks for reading !

3 thoughts on “Kakum National Park – Cape Coast, Ghana

  1. Hi
    Just to say that in Africa, the Obudu Mountain Resort in Nigeria also has a canopy walkway. The walkway is made of steel. Also Obudu has one of the longest cable cars in the world (the longest in Africa). If you visit in the right season you will definitely witness vintage nature, raw and amazing! The ‘snake road’ drive into the resort located at the top of Obudu Mountain is an experience of its own. So many springs and waterfalls. Springs are the water source for the Protea managed Hotel in Obudu Resort. The cable car ride affords breathtaking views. With the aid of binoculars you can spot uninterrupted wildlife in the valleys. Also Clouds kiss the top of the mountain! You could have the experience of literally walking through them! Kakum is awesome. I’d say a trip to Obudu is too!

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