My blog is to give people an insight and a real view as well as general information about different countries, cultures and topics from around Africa. To show the sides of Africa they wont show you on TV! To open peoples eyes to see the real beauty as well as the real life situations around Africa. Also to give everyone a look at my own personal experiences in Africa.

About me: Well my real name is Kerry Park, the nickname “OyinboAfrican” was just adopted from Nigerian friends lol I’m Scottish and now living back in Scotland for work.  My intention was to become a web designer after finishing my studies in Digital Media Computing but some how i now work with a Law firm doing conveyancing, which I now love 🙂 but i have had the chance to experience a lot of different jobs throughout my years.

Generally, I love to read and learn about history, culture and information on countries around Africa and this all started when i was a child. After picking up my first few books about Kenya & South Africa..from there on it has became my best interest to date. I love to learn new languages from many countries around Africa when i have the time to do so.  I am extremely passionate about helping others and i am a volunteer on my own.  I travel to Ghana every year on my own and love to help the best i can at orphanages and small schools.

Reading as well as writing has always been away for me to relax and let out some of my thoughts.  I really love cooking! and cooking and experimenting with foods from different parts of Africa, mostly Nigeria, Kenyan and Ghana, has always been a fun experience for me! Nigerian food is my personal best though. Especially Egusi Soup & Pounded Yam! Yum!!

Enjoy reading! 🙂

16 thoughts on “About

  1. I just found this by mistake, but I love it! I am a yoruba girl in the States and I love my culture and all things Nigeria. This is awesome! Keep on girl…

  2. Hi Kerry I like your blog, it make me learn about Africa, one country that I like and I am trying to understand many things because I have a nigerian boyfriend, I am mexican and I don’t know if is really possible to be together, I mean if in Nigeria accept it, with your experience, what do you think about?

  3. Your blog basically saved my life! I have to do an International Relations project on Nigeria tomorrow and I found a LOT of helpful stuff here! Keep loving Africa 😉

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