Nigerian Clothing

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Just a short post today as its been a while since i wrote one as i have been a little busy ūüôā

Nigerian clothes are some how different from other countries in Africa. I love Clothes from many parts of Africa but what stands out most to me is Nigerian clothing. They are soo bright and colorful, lovely patterns and designs. There is many different Nigerian materials you can buy to make a dress. Most common material used for women is probably Ankara although a lot of Nigerian dresses are not always made with Ankara, just mistaken for Ankara because of the patterns look similar . Ankara are vibrant patterns of rich colorful designs. It is (most of the time) made of 100% cotton or cotton poly material. A lot of people also try to sell cheaper material and say it is Ankara lol since it may look like it is.

I also find it VERY attractive if my guy is wearing Nigerian clothing (or Kente РGhanaian).. It is much more attractive than a pair or jeans and a top! I would prefer my husband to wear his traditional clothing..

I have a some Nigerian dresses and head wraps myself and i love love loveeee them… I feel that when wearing Nigerian dressing, or other clothes from different parts of Africa, it is more appealing to the eye and looks so unique rather than a pair of leggings and a top! Below are some of my¬†favorite¬†pictures of Nigerian and Ankara clothing.

Please note that not all pictures below are Ankara, some are made from other Nigerian materials as this post¬†is about Nigerian clothing not only Ankara clothing… Thanks again for reading my posts ūüôā

wpid3931-0023_091119_Sike-AJ-Traditional-Nigerian-Wedding                    purples dreess

ankara wax print dress


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